A quick dialogue on immigration

Crito: Meno, why have you come?

Meno: I’ve been thinking about immigration.

Crito: Oh, yes? What about it?

Meno: Well, do you support loosening the immigration system to allow people to come and live in the U.S. and become citizens?

Crito: Well, I don’t know. It’s a complicated issue.

Meno: Is it, though?

Crito: Sure it is. These people are coming from terrible places, and are just pursuing a better life in a more stable and rich country. The U.S. prides itself as a nation of immigrants, but in order to control our border, we have to have rules about who can come.

Meno: What about people who are already here: should we allow them to stay?

Crito: They’re breaking the law. We don’t want to reward illegal behavior.

Meno: Ah! But, what if we changed the law. Then they wouldn’t be breaking the law anymore.


Meno: Do you have any reason to then keep from staying?

Crito: Well, they don’t even speak English?

Meno: But, nor do many people here legally.

Crito: But, we can’t just let them take over, we have an American culture we don’t want to dilute.

Meno: So, racism?

Crito: Yeah, racism.


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