Watch: This day-by-day animation of World War I

With about the least amount of fanfare possible, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War. It wasn’t just about the western front. Check out the above animation, which shows all the movements each day.

This is a war that may take a backseat in our history classes to the other big one, but all of geopolitics was formed by this conflict, especially the middle east (remember that the countries all in conflict right now are because of the fake lines drawn on a map after the Ottoman Empire was destroyed in this very same war).


Maroon = Central Powers and annexed lands.
Burgundy = Areas militarily occupied by the Central Powers.
Red = Central Power puppet or client states.
Brown = Central Powers in an armistice.
Pink = Central Power gains for that day.
Dark blue = Allied powers
Blue = Central Powered lands militarily occupied by the Allies.
Blue-grey = Allied powers in an armisitce.
Light blue = Allied gains for that day.


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