Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Good morning, folks. Scarlett Johansson got a haircut. Now, your morning constitutional:

Israel killed at least 19 Palestinians sheltering in a school in Gaza on Wednesday. Israeli public support for the war in Gaza and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is widespread and growing, and a poll suggests that 87 percent of Israelis support continuing the conflict.

As the U.S. and Europe impose new sanctions against Russia, Russians are increasingly worrying that President Vladimir Putin’s actions will hurt ties with the international community and the Russian economy. Ukraine says that it has seized the town of Avdiivka near the rebel stronghold of Donetsk.

Militants in Somalia killed a woman for not wearing a veil.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that a new Mississippi law that would shudder the state’s last abortion clinic is unconstitutional.

The U.S. economy beat expectations and grew by an annualized 4% in the second quarter. Also, ADP says the private sector added 218,000 jobs in July.

The National Labor Relations Bureau ruled yesterday that McDonald’s is a co-employer of franchise employees, which could make the company liable for complaints of unfair labor practices such as wage theft.

A New York Times investigation shows that European governments have paid at least $125 million to al-Qaeda in ransoms.

Almost every criminal case reviewed by the FBI and Department of Justice as part of an investigation into the FBI forensic lab included flawed forensic testimony.

The typical household in the U.S. lost a third of their wealth in the past ten years (but the decline started way before that). Rich people got a lot richer, though.

Today in false equivalence: AP article about Senate activity halting blames both parties equally, but fails to find an instance of Democrats holding up activity.

Instead of quickly passing a House bill to find the Highway Trust Fund until next spring as expected, the Senate passed its own version that would expire in December and sent it to the House.

McDonald’s in Japan rolls out tofu nuggets.

Things to know about food stamps, that program that Republicans want to demolish.

Did you know that Uber drivers also rate their passengers?

Finally, woman calls cops to complain about the purity of her meth.


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