Till the End of the Week

Can you recognize these 16 80s songs by the first second? I got 11. Here’s some things to read while as the week winds down:

Today in Fuck You: An ice cream shop in Portland is being inundated with threats after helping raise money for Planned Parenthood.

Israel has rejected international proposals for a ceasefire, but is discussing changes to the plan with Secretary of State John Kerry.

We constantly make fun of New York Times columnists, so of course we loved this.

Britain’s economy is finally bigger than it was in 2008.

How not to respond to a scandal. How not to talk about domestic violence.

How big cities that restrict new housing are harming the economy.

A new think tank wanted to give out grants to a wide ideological spectrum of economists to study income inequality. No conservatives even applied.

There is no correlation between how good a CEO is and how much they’re paid.

A U.S. cyclist who rode through 50 countries for peace and charity was run over and killed by a Russian drunk driver.

Color me shocked for one that when the government farms out a massive project to a contractor and puts nobody in charge of it that it all goes to shit.

What’s better than an unpaid internship? An internship for which you have to pay $5,000.

That’s it. Have a great weekend!

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