Hump-Day Song of the Week: Radio Radio by Elvis Costello

After the bump, more about this song.

On the December 17, 1977 episode of Saturday Night Live, the Sex Pistols were supposed to play, but couldn’t get visas in time, so Elvis Costello and the Attractions were asked to play.

They were supposed to play their new hit single Less Than Zero, but just a couple of beats in, changed it up to the anti-corporate broadcaster anthem Radio, Radio. This reportedly made Lorne Michaels so angry that he raised his middle finger at the band for the entirety of the performance.

Watch here since WordPress won’t let me embed it.

Elvis Costello got himself banned from for the stunt, and wan’t allowed to play SNL for another two decades. Eventually he and Lorne made up, and as a gas for the 25th anniversary special, this happened:

One thing that’s funny is that Pete Thomas, the Attractions’ drummer, wore a t-shirt that read “Thanks, Malc,” a reference to the Sex Pistol’s manager Malcolm McLaren, who was probably responsible for the traveling mishap. In the second clip, you can see that Mike D is also wearing a “Thanks, Malc” t-shirt.

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