Till the End of the Week

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. Took some time off from the Internet, as everybody should do every once in a while. Now, here are some things that you can read:

NBC News pulled reporter Ayman Mohyeldin from covering the Gaza crisis after he witnessed an Israeli attack on Palestinian children.

President Obama will sign a long-expected executive order on Monday that will ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers of federal government and companies that contract with the federal government.

Really good essay on why the Democratic Party needs to focus on class issues.

What the recent Supreme Court decisions mean for women’s economic security (spoiler: Not great, Bob!).

As much as I hate to agree with him, Dan Shaughnessy is right: Boston should not host the Olympics. Also, neither should Los Angeles, D.C. or San Francisco.

A House staffer was arrested after carrying a gun into the Cannon House building.

Over 100 AIDS activists, researchers and health workers were on that plane on their way to a major international AIDS conference. (Update: Maybe not that many.)

Conservatives attacked President Obama over 23 Americans on that plane—who didn’t exist.

Every piece of the advanced technology powering the iPhone was developed by the government.

The “kaffir” in Kaffir lime is actually a racial slur.

That’s it. Have a great weekend!


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