Till the End of the Day

The week’s now more than half over, and it seems the humidity has dropped a little in our nation’s humble capital. Nice night to go drink vodka drinks and play trivia. Now, some stuff to read:

California may be in drought, but Nestlé’s water plant is on an Indian reservation, so it doesn’t have to reveal how much water it’s pulling out of the ground.

Charlie Pierce once again on Politico: “Once a mere surface irritation, Tiger Beat On The Potomac has finally crossed over into being a thickly pustulating chancre on the craft of journalism.”

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) said that for Republicans to to connect to women voters, they need to bring their policy explanations “down to a woman’s level.”

This is probably the best overall description of the so-called “IRS scandal.”

Marriage is not the answer to poverty.

Data show that “takers” are as likely to vote Republicans as “makers.”

Seven predicted Obamacare disasters that never happened.

Down with America’s kid competition complex.

The Senate passed a bill that makes unlocking your mobile phone officially legal.

Somebody went ahead and rendered Futurama’s opening shot in 3D and it’s really nice.


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