Till the End of the Day

Here’s some stuff to read to get you to the end of the day:

Some really incredible reporting about a factory closing in Sparta, Tennessee. It’s long, and you can probably predict a lot of the story, but it’s the kind of reporting we really need a lot more of. So read the hell out of it.

No, we don’t still have malaria because we banned DDT.

Corporations may be people now, but they’re also now almost impossible to sue.

In the states, the laboratories of democracy, how well has it worked to slash taxes, especially on the wealthy? Disastrous.

Church of England votes to allow women to be ordained as bishops.

Two former Utah Attorneys General have been arrested for corruption charges and face possible decades in prison.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad defended creating a fake website for his reelection rival. At least it’s ugly.

Map: Most common causes of death that THEY keep covering up.

Weird Al is releasing a new record, and is coming out with a video every day this week. Here’s today’s, “Word Crimes” (a parody of the rape anthem “Blurred Lines”):

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