Morning Constitutional – Monday, 14 July 2014

Good morning, everybody. Lindsay Lohan’s moving to London. Now, your morning constitutional:

Israel claims that it shot down a Hamas drone flying along the coast of southern Israel. Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in Gaza are fleeing their homes after the Israeli military threatened a larger operation coming.

A classified assessment report found that so much of Iraq’s military is infiltrated by extremists that any U.S. assistance would be risky.

U.S. jails struggle with role of makeshift asylums.

Volkswagen announced that it will build a new SUV at its Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant, following an agreement last week to form a union.

Afghans are hoping to empower a stronger prime minister and parliament and a weaker president in the next government.

Republicans vote to thwart an imaginary drilling regulation.

The Church of England is set to vote on whether to ordain women bishops.

U.S. solider Bowe Bergdahl, who was released from Taliban captivity six weeks ago, will reportedly return to active duty.

The political moderate is dead; long live the political moderate.

Where Online Services Go When They Die: Rebuilding Prodigy one screen at a time.

Out of the last ten presidents, President Obama has signed the fewest number of executive orders.

The post-post apocalyptic Detroit.

A new Chrome browser extension will play clown music when you read an article about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Iowa Christian radio host fears Iowans will be forced to eat gay-pride burgers.

Finally, drunk woman rides stolen horse to rob a store,


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