Till the End of the Day

Hope that everybody had a great holiday weekend and isn’t finding it too difficult to get back into the routine. Once again, here’s some stuff to read:

Today in Fuck You: Fox News segment tells women to not speak loudly at work.

Asshole Racist Gets Fired for Bring Asshole Racist

The BBC will not abide by false balance, will not have people on programs who push marginal views, such as climate change skeptics.

I’m only marginally more pissed off that there are people who can’t afford water than I am that Detroit is shutting off people’s water that can’t afford it.

The Texas Republican Party’s platform is a piece of work.

Opening a casino is actually a terrible idea for economic development.

Children of same-sex parents turn out actually better off than the rest of the population. Maybe we should ban opposite-sex adoption.

Ukraine demands Russia return its combat dolphins.

An interesting story about innovation in higher education that i have absolutely no connection to whatsoever.

Eight reasons to ignore the latest in inflation hysteria.

Forget Mars: let’s colonize Venus.

Maureen Dowd: Hackier and hackier.

I bet you’re excited for Warren G. Harding’s juicy love letters to his mistress.


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