Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Good morning, everybody. Shia LeBeouf is going to rehab. Now, your morning constitutional:

Ukraine on Monday evening ended a unilateral ceasefire and hours later launched a full-scale military operation against pro-Russian militants.

Iraq’s newly elected parliament convened on Tuesday with the aim of quickly forming a unity government in the wake of the violent incursion of the Islamic State.

Ahmad Chalabi, a controversial figure to say the least, is emerging as a potential contender for prime minister of Iraq.

Meanwhile, the president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region is planning a referendum on independence.

Israel bombed sites in Gaza Tuesday after it was discovered that three missing teens were dead.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is being held for questioning as part of an investigation over influence peddling.

Europe’s main human rights court has ruled that France’s ban on burqas and niqabs that fully cover the face does not breach European Convention on Human Rights.

Tens of thousands have joined a pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong.

Sure the matches have been fantastic, but how else is the World Cup doing so far?

Unnoticed among yesterday’s major Supreme Court rulings: the Court let stand a ruling that allowed California’s ban on gay conversion therapy.


Finally, bear interrupts birthday party, eats all the cupcakes.

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