Till the End of the Day

Hizzah Friday. Tomorrow starts the knockout stage of the World Cup, and I couldn’t be more psyched. Well, anyways, here’s some things to look at tonight:

 Today in Fuck You: Wisconsin Republican candidate for Congress Karen Mueller bemoans same-sex marriage legalization because marrying your sibling will be next, of course. Sounds like somebody is scared of her feelings for her sister.

Putin’s economic model is showing signs of strain as it is more and more cut off from global finance,

A new mammal has been discovered, a tiny little shrew that’s actually closely related to the elephant.

Some great reporting on how Jeff Bezos is taking over the Washington Post and emphasizing growth as opposed to just more downsizing.

The rise of the (black market) DIY abortion pill in Texas, where you may have heard it’s getting way harder to get a legal abortion.

I, for one, 100% applaud ABC’s decision to dump Jenny McCarthy.

Bookstores are closing, e-books never really caught on: What’s the future of reading, then?

Nature apparently hates men, part infinity: Every American hit by lightening so far in 2014 has been male.

Over 60% of the restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares are now closed.

Kyle Beckerman’s engagement photos are LOLs.

That’s a full lid. Enjoy your weekend, everybody. Stay cool.


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