Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 26 June 2014

Good morning, folks. Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blond. Now your morning constitutional:

Torrential rains have caused flooding in Recife, the city hosting today’s USA – Germany World Cup match. Officials are checking the pitch to see if the match can even be played.

The Iraqi parliament will meet Monday to form a new government following the April 30 elections that were certified on June 17. Many are hoping the government will include more Sunnis and Kurds to help the government establish better credibility in the face of its fight aggainst Sunni extremists.

FYI: Shit’s all kinds of complicated.

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday after meeting with the French foreign minister that Russia should call on militants in Ukraine to disarm within “the next hours,” and suggested that E.U. leaders would discus further sanctions.

At least 19 are dead after a bomb struck a shopping mall in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. No one has claimed responsibility yet, but the militant group oko Haram is suspected, as they have attacked Abuja twice in the last ten weeks.

Two senior officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs are stepping down next week as the agency tries to course correct after the scandal over long waiting times.

Tunisia is updating its draconian drug laws as its prisons fill up.

The U.N. reports that global opium production is on the rise.

Ikea is planning to raise its average minimum wage to $10.76 an hour, but the actual minimum would depend on each store’s locality’s cost of living .

A more nuanced view of the Supreme Court’s ideology.

Bill Clinton was definitely no gaffe-free politician.

Finally, park ranger fired after he was seen dancing while on the clock.

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