Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 19 June 2014

Good morning, folks. Taylor Swift got a kitten. Now, your morning constitutional:

ISIS militants have reportedly flown their black flags over the Iraq’s largest oil refinery in Beiji.

The Obama administration reportedly believes that Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki needs to leave office in order for the country to end is sectarian issues.

The success of ISIS in Iraq is due in not small part to an uneasy alliance with former Saddam Hussein loyalists and former Baath party members.

Taliban fighters attacked a NATO supply base in eastern Afghanistan, destroying dozens of trucks.

The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has exceeded one million.

King Felipe VI and Queen Latizia take the throne in Spain. (Obligatory.)

How Black Panthers turned to North Korea in fight against U.S. imperialism.

The deadly pig virus that drove up pork prices is on hiatus, but predicted to return in the autumn.

Creepy-ass CEO shown the door.

The number of new Americans filing for unemployment benefits dropped more than expected last week.

How the Washington football team losing its name destroyed America: A series of one-act plays.

Finally, beaver pulls man from kayak.


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