Till the End of the Day

Reaching the end of yet another Wednesday. Luckily we have World Cup to get us through this week. Socceroos couldn’t hold back the Netherland onslaught, who are now just two goals shy of reaching double digits in just the group stage. Chile’s taken an early lead against Spain, and here are some things to look at later:

Today in Fuck You: YouTube to block music videos by artists and labels who do not agree to terms for their new subscription service.

The Trademark Office cancelled the Redskins’ trademark as the team’s name is pretty “disparaging to Native Americans.”

According to Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Iraq has requested U.S. air support to help in the first against ISIS.

Far too little has been written or reported on where Saudi Arabia is going to find itself in the conflict.

Some interesting items in the 2013 BLS American Time Use Survey results. Too bad it’s laid out so shittily.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal changes his mind, now against Common Core.

The crazy asshole who shot two cops last weekend thinks he’s the “Statutory Attorney General of the United States.”

The Internet today seems to care how you cut your cake.

Don’t drive slowly in the left lane.

Weather report:



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