Till the End of the Day

It’s currently almost the half at Brazil-Mexico, and I can’t believe the ham cart hasn’t scored 20 goals so far. By the time you read this, the match will likely be over, and the result may either be exactly the same or really, really different. But, I assume you’re going to take wahurd’s advice and take your significant other out for dinner tonight instead of watching Russia-South Korea. Either way, here’s some things to read when you’re unoccupied:

Today in Fuck You: “If you take a look, you mentioned the Hispanic population – the African American population, there’s a number of things that our party stands for that they embrace,” Tillis said. He went on to say that Republican need to do a better job reaching out to minority voters. Tillis then said that unlike the Hispanic or black populations, which have been growing, the “traditional population of North Carolina and the United States is more or less stable.”

Today in Beautiful Reporting, Sad Story: Closure for a New York Bar Forever Tied to 9/11

Democrats unveiled legislation today to ban Internet “fast lanes.”

Sen. David Vitter, running for governor 2015, weirdly moves to Jindal’s left, says he’d consider expanding Medicaid.

Inflation-adjusted hourly pay for Americans is lower than it was last year. Meanwhile, your grocery bill is definitely going up fast.

The session, as usual, quickly moved beyond the specifics of the assaults that left four Americans dead to accusations about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the Obama administration, President Obama funding jihadists in their quest to destroy the United States, Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton attempting to impose Sharia blasphemy laws on Americans and Al Jazeera America being an organ of ‘enemy propaganda.'”

In college, right at the tail-end of the Clinton administration, I wrote a sarcasm-“humor” piece for our college newspaper that basically said politics was boring now, I wish we’d go to war to mix things up a little. So, I obviously liked this piece.

Spoiler alert: President Obama is not going to send combat troops to another overseas war.

The result, as everyone who understood these things predicted, isn’t (as some conservatives hoped) a smaller government. It is just a more poorly run government.”

Why mass shootings (may) make gun control less likely to pass.

D.C. is ESPN’s top market for the World Cup. Also, in New York, yesterday’s U.S.-Ghana match got better ratings than average Jets and Giants games.

Some fans are already blaming Uruguay’s shock 3-1 defeat to Costa Rica on the lack of dulce de leche.”

The generational war over butter v. margarine (V+V is Team Butter).

Danger Mouse is coming back.





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