V+V 2014 Summer Jams Party in the Back Time Chapter V is for Victory

Welcome back to the V+V 2014 Summer Jams party. It has not gone unnoticed that this years’ contenders have been, for a lack of a better term, not as bad-ass as they could be. Sure, there’s some good tracks, performed by some talented musicians, and sure, some of them have been bad-ass to an extent. But, let’s throw one out there especially rocks. I’ve always said that if you like guitars you like Mastadon, so here’s one that just came out (off their upcoming album “Once More Around the Sun,” dropping 6/24), and I’ll even say, it’s for the nerds out there in V+V-land:

And now we’re going to take it down a notch (because we’re the type to take it down a notch). Here’s a track that just says “pack up the cooler—we’re going to break open container laws down at that rocky beach where nobody goes.”

And today, since it’s Friday, and you definitely need more summer jams to get through the weekend, here’s a bonus. It’s a super-catchy track from Oakland’s G-Easy called “Far Alone.” It’s not the greatest rapping of all time, but it is pretty funny, especially so because it really seems to take itself super cereal. And you will not be able to not LOL when Jay Ant comes in with  the “but now I’m here, bitch.” Oh, and I think they managed to break the world record for amount of weed in a rap video, which is just crazy.

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