Till the End of the Day

Today in Fuck You: Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks that homosexuality and alcoholism are basically the same.

Fucking hipsters.

Members of congress are confident that they will send a bill to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system to the president by the end of the week.

Sophomore Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) announced that he will run for House majority leader. He has about as good a chance as Cantor.

“But there are few people who understand Iraq less than the Republican politicians and pundits who are being sought out for their comments on the current situation. As you watch the debate on this issue, you should remind yourself that the most prominent voices being heard are the very ones who brought us the Iraq War in the first place, who promised that everything was simple and the only question was whether we’d be ‘strong’ and ‘decisive’ enough — the same thing they’re saying today.” – Paul Waldman

State governments are planning to increase spending at the lowest rate since the end of the Great Recession.

In 1961, a plane carrying two nuclear bombs fell apart over North Carolina. They should have detonated, but miraculously they didn’t.

How Britney Spears went to Vegas and became a feminist role model.  No, really.

Governor says his opinion on same-sex marriage doesn’t matter.

CEO pay up by 937% since 1978. That of the typical worker? 10.2%

Number of people uninsured in Minnesota drops sharply to 4.9%.

Strong majority of Americans say they’d pay more to combat climate change.

Uber is offering helicopter rides over Mumbai and Bangalore for $85.

Charts: Kids will eat their vegetables, so long as their vegetables are potatoes.

Tyler Cowen wonders if the lack of wars is hurting economic growth.

Florida: Where libraries are so empty that nobody notices you cooking meth in one.

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