Till the End of the Day

Jesus Christ, another one. I’d say this is getting ridiculous if this weren’t already a tragic national emergency. Well, here’s some stuff to read:

Today in Fuck You: On the heels of yesterday’s George Will column, the Washington Post just keeps at it with this piece, with the headline: “One way to end violence against women? Married dads. The data show that #yesallwomen would be safer with fewer boyfriends around their kids.”

Today’s long read: The Big Lobotomy: How Republicans Made Congress Stupid.

Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) admitted to voting no on a piece of legislation in anticipation of receiving a campaign contribution from the Heritage Foundation for his vote.

Who benefits from a minimum wage increase?

Massachusetts is close to zero percent without health insurance.

The three curses faced by Democrats and how to lift them.

Turns out McDonald’s cutting their dollar menu hasn’t gone that well for them.

What the “personhood movement” doesn’t understand about biology.

Here’s a pretty great political memoir title generator.

Just a heads-up that the cheap shrimp at your supermarket may be produced by slave labor.

Seattle anesthesiologist suspended for allegedly sexting during surgery.

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