Till the End of the Day

Here’s to another fun Wednesday. Some stuff to hopefully help keep y’all occupied the rest of the day:

Today in fuck you: Two black workers in Tennessee (because Tennessee) were told by their super racist supervisor that the water fountain and microwave were for whites only.

Oh, more racist shit: A guy records a super racist lady calling him, well, you know, apparently because he started his car, and a black guy starting a car is super scary. Apparently now we’re just going ahead and recording private non-celebrity people being racist. Not sure how I feel about that, but still: gross.

So, welcome to post-racial America, everyone.

The Supreme Court has refused to block Oregon from performing same-sex marriages while a federal appeals court considers the case.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham said that if President Obama releases more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, he’ll call for impeachment. The same Senator Graham is not polling well enough against primary challengers and may be headed for a run-off after next Tuesday election. Related? Nah.

If your first job out of college sucks, it’s probably going to hurt you forever.

Conservatives on the court tend to strategically time their retirements, which helps explain their advantage.

Interesting: there are more Muslim than Jewish people in the South.

Remember Dale Peterson? Well, looks like he made the run-off for Alabama state auditor yesterday. Shame on us for not knowing he was running.



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