Till the End of the Day

Man has it been a long week. Thank goodness the weather has cleared up. Should be a beautiful weekend around here. Enjoy yours!

You know this already, but I guess they’re the big news of the day: Shinseki outtie. Carney outtie.

Details are starting to emerge about an American who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Syria.

Good reporting on the horrible story of temp workers—many who have only been there a scant 10 years—in California’s lettuce industry.

Why Germany is still in charge.

Is it at least progress that Speaker Boehner says he’s not qualified to judge the science of climate change, instead of just denying it like the rest of his party?

I could only LOL at this sentence: “While the American upper class is largely meritocratic, the upper class in Sweden are still mostly defined by birth.”

Republican Iowa U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst says that same-sex marriage is an issue that should be decided by the states but also should be banned by the federal government.

What Is the longest disambiguation page on Wikipedia?

The Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in a draw.

Inside Taco Bell’s process for creating new recipes, or, how the waffle taco came to be,

Here’s a motorized suitcase that will bring you to the airport.


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