Till the End of the Day

About time to hit a vodka happy hour and play some bar trivia, so here are some end-of-the-day links to hopefully keep y’all occupied:

Today at West Point, President Obama articulated possibly the most anti-war foreign policy doctrine since Eisenhower. More.

Here’s what’s up with the Obama administration’s new EPA rules for coal power plants and the coming political battle. Spoiler: It’s a Big Fucking Deal.

Senator Orrin Hatch is promising to propose a constitutional amendment if the Supreme Court rules against Hobby Lobby, which he says will be supported by everybody “but the nuts.”

Some really good reporting on the Brazilian World Cup protests.

The rise of the religious right: It wasn’t abortion, it was segregation. But you already knew that.

Google has gone and built a self-driving car with no steering wheel or pedals or anything.

Meanwhile, Apple is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion.

Why aren’t more people hyped about Julia Collins? Jeopardy’s number one woman of all time, she has already won 17 games in a row, the third to have done so.

Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated are starting to sell advertising on their covers, breaking a longstanding magazine standard.

McDonald’s: We actually cook our own food, unlike you-know-who.

Here’s a safety vest for your chicken.

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