Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Good morning, everybody. Hayden Panettiere Is pregnant. Now, your morning constitutional:

President Obama will outline a strategy to turn from Afghanistan, from which the U.S. will withdraw by 2016, to focus on emerging terrorist threats in Africa and the Middle East in the commencement speech at West Point today.

The dirtiest coal power plant in the country dragged kicking and screaming into cleaning up thanks to new environmental regulations on power plant emissions.

Rebelling against abuse, Afghan women seeing signs of change.

Why in Pakistan, do around 1,000 women still die annually from “honor killings?”

A do-nothing congress? Yup, pretty much. How a bill becomes a law in 2014. More from Jonathan Bernstein.

Officials in China’s Xinjiang region held a massive public rally at a sports arena to sentence 55 people for such crimes as “violent terrorism.”

Six elderly people in Anqing, China reportedly have killed themselves to ensure they die before June 1, when city regulations mandate that all dead be cremated instead of buried.

Ukraine struggling to restore its farming legacy.

“Take me to fucking court because I don’t care. Minorities are not going to run my city.” — La Vista, Nebraska, Mayor Douglas Kindig

An Indiana pg farm says that it has been reinfected by a deadly pig virus that already wiped out 10 percent of the U.S. hog population but was considered contained.

Comcast promised to provide inexpensive Internet service to poor Americans, surprisingly did not deliver.

Your princess is in another castle: misogyny, entitlement, and nerds.

Somebody is sad that Gareth Bale isn’t playing in the World Cup.

U.S. on the verge of a whiskey crisis.

Finally, residents of a Spanish town that translates to “Fort Jew Killer” opt to change name to “Fort Hill of the Jews.”


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