Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Good morning, everybody. David Schwimmer helped the police solve a crime. Now, your morning constitutional:

Ukraine forces took back the airport in Donetsk after it was taken over by pro-Russian militants following a day of fighting and airstrikes. The self-proclaimed prime minister of the province said at least 50 militants were killed in the fighting. Ukraine’s new president has promised to open negotiations to end the insurgency.

United States special operations troops are forming and training counter-terrorism units in four countries in Africa.

Nigeria says that it knows the location of the girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram but cannot use force to rescue them.

The White House press office accidentally revealed the name of the CIA’s top intelligence official in Afghanistan.

On his first day in office, India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, met with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday

Vietnam claims that Chinese fishing boats rammed and sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat not far from where China built a oil rig in disputed waters.

U.N. chemical weapons inspectors were attacked while traveling to a site of an alleged chlorine attack in Syria.

Beijing has instituted airport-like security on its subway. The results are just as you expect.

Time to abolish the TSA?

The soda/pop/coke industry says you can drink all the diet soda you want, please, drink more diet soda please.

Gap is hoping that Americans will spend all day in yoga pants,

Finally, a New York man stole a bread truck and delivered baked goods to random businesses in his underwear.


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