Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Good morning, folks. Jake Gyllenhaal shaved his beard. Now, your morning constitutional:

Thailand’s army declared martial law on Tuesday. Army Chief Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha said that it was not a coup, and that civilian power would return once deadly protests that have plagued the country for the past six months end.

China has suspended its participation in a cyber security working group with the United States following U.S. accusations against five Chinese military officials for hacking.

The White House promises to never again use an immunization survey as a cover for a CIA operation, such as was used in the hunt for Osama bin Laden,

While companies are expanding telecommuting opportunities, they are generally cutting back on programs that allow workers to care for children or manage care for ill parents,

Why has the Nigerian army failed so far to recover the kidnapped girls?

Chipotle asks customers not to bring guns into its restaurants.

The band Spirit is suing Led Zepplin over “Stairway to Heaven,” which they say is ripped off of their song “Taurus.”

I almost disagree, but Yglesias does have a point: “Benghazimania is good for America.”

Between Comcast with Time Warner and AT&T with DirecTV: The telecom mega-mergers would merge the country’s most frustrated customers.

Key Democratic constituencies are benefiting the least from the economic recovery.

Republicans in the House taking up a bill to roll back healthy school lunch standards.

Florida state representative says Common Core will turn your kids gay (no, really).

Finally, Connecticut woman calls in bomb threat to college to hide the fact that she dropped out of college.


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