Morning Constitutional – Monday, 21 April 2014

Good morning, everybody. Tila Tequila is pregnant. Now, your morning constitutional:

Despite an Easter truce being announced by the Ukraine government just hours before, three were killed in a gunfight at a checkpoint operated by pro-Russian militants near Slovyansk.

Photographs that have surfaced of separatist groups in Ukraine suggest that many of the pro-Russian militants are Russian military and intelligence personnel.

Vice President Joe Biden arrives in Ukraine today to meet with government leaders.

A high-level Yemeni government official says that at least 30 have been killed in a massive drone operation in Yemen targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Syria has set a presidential election on June 3, which current President Bashar al-Assad is expected to win easily.

Following a large deadly avalanche Friday, Nepalese Sherpas who help people climb Everest are considering striking.

The story of McDowell county, the poorest county in West Virginia.

With just eight months left in his term, Texas Governor Rick Perry is now the subject of a grand jury investigation over whether he abused power.

How much bigger could the Republican majority in the House get?

Switzerland will vote in referendum to make the minimum wage around $25 an hour.

Four years later, scientists still trying to figure out the effects of the BP oil spill.

LOL @ this poll question.

Why the music business is trying—and failing—to crush Pandora.

Finally, a California teen flew to Maui in a plane’s wheel well.


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