Morning Constitutional – Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good morning, everybody. Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are getting married. Now, your morning constitutional:

The Ukrainian National Guard killed three pro-Russian protesters, injured 13 and took 63 prisoners during overnight hostilities in Mariupol.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia has the right to militarily intervene in eastern Ukraine if it chooses, and emphasized Russia’s claim to the region, calling it “New Russia.” He also admitted for the first time that Russian forces were deployed in Crimea before the referendum.

While she was more cautious than the rest of Europe at first, it looks like German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on board with the next round of sanctions on Russia.

Even before the Crimea episode, Russia’s economy was crumbling, and now it’s getting worse.

Iran has cut its stockpile of sensitive nuclear materials by 75% in keeping with its agreement with several world powers.

American jobless claims are near its lower levels in seven years.

A federal judge overturned North Dakota’s draconian anti-abortion law that banned abortion in most cases after six weeks.

A strike at one of China’s largest shoe makers grows to about 30,000 workers.

States that embrace Obamacare are doing a better job of getting people insured. Unfortunately, states that refuse to tend to be the ones with the most uninsured.

The right’s racial blinders: What really explains the politics of the Obama era.

Finally, Nebraska toddler found playing inside claw game.


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