Man who ran military poorly unsurprisingly bad at doing his taxes

Ladies and gentlemen, the former U.S. secretary of defense:

“I have sent in our federal income tax and our gift tax returns for 2013,” Rumsfeld wrote. “As in prior years, it is important for you to know that I have absolutely no idea whether our tax returns and our tax payments are accurate.”


“The tax code is so complex and the forms are so complicated, that I know I cannot have any confidence that I know what is being requested and therefore I cannot and do not know, and I suspect a great many Americans cannot know, whether or not their tax returns are accurate,” Rumsfeld wrote.

Good thing we didn’t give him anything important to do, like run a massive organization simultaneously running two significant wars.

“I do not know whether or not my tax returns are accurate, which is a sad commentary on governance in our nation’s capital,” Rumsfeld wrote.

No, I don’t think that’s it.

On another tip, check out this week’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, where Errol Morris details how he came to like Rumsfeld less and less as he interviewed him for his new documentary: “I disliked McNamara going into it and liked him at the end. Rumsfeld, I started to feel that there was no one home.”


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