Morning Constitutional – Monday, 7 April 2014

Good morning, folks. Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange. Now, your morning constitutional:

Saturday’s presidential election in Afghanistan drew large turnout despite Taliban threats, but voting seems to have been divided along ethnic lines.

The new-found political power of Afghanistan’s youth.

Protesters in eastern Ukraine have seized government buildings in Donetsk and are demanding a referendum to join Russia, and have asked Putin to send in peace-keeping troops. Meanwhile, the nascent Ukraine government blasted Russia for attempting to tear the Ukraine apart.

India begins the world’s largest democratic elections today.

The New York Times has found that two-thirds of deportation cases involve people who have only committed minor offenses or had no criminal record at all, despite the administration saying that it is focusing mainly on criminals.

Cheap heroin that costs as little as $4 a hit is flooding the U.S. market from the “Golden Triangle” region of Mexico’s Sinaloa state, where farmers have stopped growing marijuana in favor of opium poppy. Meanwhile, heroin addicts have a hard time getting treatment because insurance companies don’t consider heroin withdrawal deadly.

In 2012, Mali’s government was upended by a coup. What has happened since?

One chart that shows Obamacare is working.

The demand for U.S. Treasuries is growing, highlighting the U.S.’s strengthening fiscal health.

The Republican plan to cut Medicaid.

Tom Sermanni has been fired as head coach of the U.S. women’s national soccer team.

In defense of the bed-wetting liberal.

Mickey Rooney, 93.

Finally, man apologizes for a dine and dash he committed over 70 years ago.


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