Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Good morning, folks. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin broke up. Now, your morning constitutional:

The Obama administration will extend the deadline for people sign up for health insurance if they ran into technical problems with the federal exchanges.

President Obama will give a speech in Brussels today outlining Europe’s role in global democracy and how Russia’s recent actions undermine the effort.

It’s looking likely that in the April election, Hungary will re-elect Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is looked at by many in the West with suspicion.

The U.S. does have a history of high taxation on the wealthy, and even used to claim it was to keep the wealthy from amassing too much wealth.

The economic costs of annexing Crimea will likely throw Russia into a recession.

North Korea testing its missiles again.

Speaking of North Korea, it appears that all men in the country are now required to get the same haircut as leader Kim Jong-un.

A court has lifted Turkey’s ban on Twitter.

Big Republican effort to recruit women to run for office is a bust.

Secret Service agents preparing for President Obama’s trip to the Netherlands were sent home for “disciplinary reasons,” which probably involved one agent drinking excessively.

As coal fades in West Virginia, drugs fill the void.

Oh, look, “Tiger Mom” wrote another stupid book.

This seems as good a demarcation of generation lines as any.

Why does so much sci-fi take place in California?

Finally, man puts out fire with miso soup.


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