What’d I Say?

So, I was just listening to this track, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (with Eric Clapton) covering Ray Charles’s classic “What’d I Say,” and was enthralled with the drum breakdown solo that hits about the 1:30 mark. It’s intense.

But, man, this song. Considered by the record company (and lots of listeners) to be too vulgar, it exploded, and may have single-handedly brought rock and roll back from the dead, inspiring pretty much every rock band that started around the late 1950s (and being covered to death by them).

Ray Charles would later note: “I saw that many of the stations which had banned the tune started playing it when it was covered by white artists. That seemed strange to me, as though white sex was cleaner than black sex. But once they began playing the white version, they lifted the ban and also played the original.”


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