Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Good morning, everybody. Miley just wants to have fun.. Now, your morning constitutional:

Ukrainian Health Ministry said that at least 25 people, including protesters, nine police officers and a journalist, have been killed after police stormed the main protester camp in Kiev. The European Union is moving quickly to seek targeted sanctionsWhy what’s happening in Kiev may be Putin’s worst nightmare.

At least five are dead after two powerful blasts struck a busy area in Beirut near an Iranian cultural center. An al-Qaeda-related group claimed responsibility and threatened more attacks if Hezbollah does not withdraw its support for the Syrian government. 

The U.S. weighs a bunch of really shitty options to deal with the expanding Syrian conflict.

Republican Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel, who is challenging Senator Thad Cochran as a tea party candidate, apparently retweeted a white supremacist account. We could also note that this is the same Chris McDaniel who blamed gun violence on hip-hop. Maybe that’s why Thad Cochran doesn’t know much about the tea party.

The Department of Homeland security is seeking a national license plate tracking system.

One thing more annoying than people complaining about the cold weather is corporations complaining about the cold weather.

How many groceries at Walmart would be banned at Whole Foods? (A lot.)

There’s been a recall on a bunch of Hot Pockets for disgusting reasons in case that sentence is germane to your life.

There’s seriously going to be a Magic: The Gathering movie.

Lady finds shirts at Pac Sun disgusting, buys them all in protest.

Finally, cows make more milk when listening to R.E.M.


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