Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Good morning, everybody. Charlie Sheen got engaged this weekend. Now, your morning constitutional:

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have fled rebel-held parts of Aleppo under massive aerial bombing by the Syrian government and flooding into Turkey.

The United Auto Workers lost an historic election in Tennessee under remarkably favorable circumstances, raising questions about the future of labor.

In a push to free Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban before the U.S. leaves Afghanistan, the administration is renewing efforts to negotiate a prisoner swap with the Taliban. 

“He concluded that of the 19 cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics, as few as 10 might be cold enough by midcentury to host them again. By 2100, that number shrinks to 6.”

The first round of talks between Iran and six world powers on Iran’s nuclear program open today in Vienna.

The Obama administration to announce today tighter fuel standards for medium-sized and large trucks.

Congressional Republicans looking to refocus on party unity will aver on big bipartisan legislative items and only advance proposals that are popular within the Republican caucus.  

A campaign to push Spain to adopt Europe’s regular 9-5 schedule.

The exploding amount of student loan debt owed by millions of Americans may be hurting the housing recovery. The amount of student loan held by Americans has tripled in the past decade. 

We shouldn’t have a holiday to celebrate presidents, but celebrating George Washington is okay.

New Jersey is suffering a major shortage of rock salt because the ship it is on is not flying the American flag.

Two members of the band Pussy Riot were arrested (again) in Sochi. 

Groupon mistook Alexander Hamilton as a president.

Finally, New Zealand’s prime minister announces that he is not a shapeshifting reptilian alien.


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