Till the End of the Day

President Obama signed an executive order today that guarantees a minimum wage of $10.10 for all federal workers and contractors.

A federal jury found former New Orleans mayor Ray Negin guilty of corruption and bribery.

The Senate passed the debt-ceiling hike 55-43 on strict party lines, all Republicans voted against. Senator Ted Cruz tried filibustering, but was unsuccessful.

Brian Resnick did a great job compiling some of the best rumors about President Obama.

On online dating sites, hot men say “women” and hot women say “girls.”

Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban was struck down by a federal judge.

Companies should hire criminals, because math.

This is what a competitive broadband market looks like.

Good feature looking in the minds of heroin addicts.

This is just disgusting.

Firefox to incorporate ads in its browser.


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