Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Good morning, everybody. Chris Kattan got a DUI, in case you were wondering what he was doing. Now, your morning constitutional:

Shirley Temple Black, 85.

The Obama administration is giving mid-sized businesses until 2016 before they must offer health insurance to all their full-time workers, a two-year reprieve.

Arkansas had found a way to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and assuage concerns from conservatives. However, it looks like criticism from conservative state lawmakers is undermining that effort.

UK officials have confirmed that a British man was behind a suicide bombing in Aleppo, Syria, believed to be the first suicide bombing by a UK national.

House Republicans looking to exchange reversing a cut in military pensions for raising the debt limit. They approved the cut just two months ago.

Facing criticism, GM says its first woman CEO Mary Barra will not be making less than her predecessor; her pay package this year is $14.4 million, about 58% more than former CEO Dan Akerson.

The newest U.S. senator, Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh, who hasn’t even been sworn in yet, is already under attack by national Republican groups.

After a Syrian group was expelled from al-Qaeda, the Obama administration is debating whether a law giving the president authority to strike al-Qaeda affiliates applies to the group.

The face of heroin addiction is getting younger, whiter and more rural.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio will not say if he smoked pot.

Domesticated camels, which are mentioned often in early biblical history, did not exist at the time.

Finally, Oklahoma bar that won’t serve “freaks,” “f*ggots,” the disabled, or people on welfare, now gets Internet push for “Best Gay Bar.”


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