Till the End of the Day

Ta-Nehisi Coates is required reading on Michael Sam coming out:

The question which we so often have been offered—is the NFL ready for a gay player?—is backwards. Powerful interests are rarely “ready” for change, so much as they are assaulted by it. We refer to barriers being “broken” for a reason. The reason is not because great powers generally like to unbar the gates and hold a picnic in the honor of the previously excluded. The NFL has no moral right to be “ready” for a gay player, which is to say it has no right to discriminate against gay men at its leisure which anyone is bound to respect.

The ceasefire in the Syrian city of Homs was extended by three days today.

Suicide bomber instructor accidentally kills 22 pupils.

Having a grocery store nearby doesn’t make anybody eat healthier.

Without immigration reform, expect food prices to spike.

The Department of Justice is lifting its three-year-old hiring freeze.

Powerful shareholders want Microsoft’s new CEO to drop Xbox, Bing and Surface.

Ugh, people.


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