Till the End of the Day

Ugh, U.S. stocks took a friggin’ beating today.

The middle class is eroding—just ask the business world.

Castaway washes ashore in the Marshall Islands and claims to have been drifting in the Pacific Ocean for 13 months.

There’s a pretty massive water crisis in the Southwest as a drought has basically drained the Colorado river.

Ta-Nehisi Coates examines the newest Stand Your Ground related killing..

Why the U.S. embassy releases pollution data on Beijing but not New Dehli.

Really good piece on the tragedy of the increasing number of heroin overdoses.

Eight states have “No Promo Homo” laws similar to, but not as strong as, Russia’s that ban schools from promoting homosexuality.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sinking in national polls.

There is a war on swans.


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