Holy crap I’m back

Don’t mind me, but I’ve decided to bring back Verities and Vagaries. Sure, we killed it back in 2012 from a lack of time to commit, losing some steam, and not to mention that the stories had just gotten pretty stale. Hell, not much has even changed. But, here’s the thing: I like writing in general and blogging specifically, but I’ve gotten rusty at both. I thought about starting something new, but I couldn’t find anything that appealed quite as much as unwrapping the old blog-o-mobile and giving it another rip. That means bringing back some of our most popular features: the Morning Constitutional, New York Times Columnist Line of the Day, Hump Day Song of the Week, etc. I’ll also be trying to think of some new features to bring to the space. Posting will probably be light to begin, but hopefully I can bring some better material than I was “writing” right before the hiatus.

So, here we are.

By order of introduction, on the old V+V, I was known as Poplicola. But, as part of the rebirth of the site, I’ve eschewed the nom de plume and present myself as a real person. I don’t particularly want to pay yet to get the old domain name back and hosting this time around, so I moved everything to the free WordPress hosting offering. So far, the site’s pretty bare (but given a necessary face-lift), and I think it’ll stay that way for a while. Unfortunately, the backup and retrieval of the old site had some hiccups, and a lot of the old content didn’t make it through. Hell, you’ll note that the last entry before this one was from 2010, when we stopped in 2012.  Also, the authorship of the old pieces was not maintained, so please, please don’t think I was capable of writing all those great things.

I’m psyched to try this again. I hope you like it.


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