Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Good morning, folks. Justin Bieber might host Punk’d. Now, your morning constitutional:

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have started secret high-level talks with the Karzai administration.

It may take up to a year to clean up the toxic waste sludge that spilled and is afflicting at least seven towns in Hungary.

Neil Irwin: Why it doesn’t feel like a recovery: At 3% growth, we won’t achieve 5% unemployment until 2010.;

This Congress, the House of Representatives passed 420 bills that stalled in the Senate.

The Supreme Court today hears arguments in a case that should decide the freedom of protesters versus the privacy rights at funerals.

Colonel Mayele, a leader of a rebel group accused of committing mass rapes in Congo this summer has been arrested.

The costs of income inequality.

Cop shoots teen over baggy pants.

The owners of the Red Sox are buying Liverpool FC.

How is it even possible to waste water?

Do your “organic” eggs come from a factory farm? Probably.

A first grader gets a highway department to correct signage.

The irrational way humans interact with dentists.

Finally, 100 drunken women in British Columbia brawl over male stripper.


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