Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good morning, everybody. Zach Snyder’s directing the next Superman movie. Now, your morning constitutional:

An American drone attack in Pakistan has killed up to eight German nationals who were believed to be planning an attack in Europe. Meanwhile, France has arrested nine people and seized guns in anti-terrorism raids.

The U.S. military is pushing to rely far less on fossil fuels and more on renewable sources.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernnake may suggest the fed purchase more bonds in the near term, while urging congress to look to ways to reign in the long-term federal budget deficit.

Hoping to break the strong Yen and a decades-long deflationary cycle, the Bank of Japan has cut rates as low as zero percent in hopes of spurring inflation.

President Obama supports a broad simplified rewrite the corporate tax code paid for by removing loopholes.

Many Tory activists prefer Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to many of their own ministers.

Nixon’s failed attempts at ‘poisoning the press.’

Plans to expand passenger rail are being threatened at the state level by Republicans running for governorships. A new study has shown that America’s continuing prosperity is threatened by a total lack in investment in transportation infrastructure.

Are the Democrats making a comeback?

A federal court judge in Georgia caught buying drugs for a stripper.

Finally, Tasmania is promoting its convict heritage.

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