Morning Constitutional – Monday, 4 October 2010

Good morning, folks. Ghost’s Hotspur beat my Lions this weekend (Estes’s Blues won too, but that was shady). Now, your morning constitutional:

Interest groups are spending five times as much on this midterm election than they did in 2006, they’re more secretive about the spending than ever, and Republicans are getting seven times as much money than Democrats. Health insurance companies are especially throwing money towards the Republicans.

Even as small businesses have had a hard time getting credit, large corporations have borrowing large amounts of cash very cheaply, but are not spending or investing it, and instead are holding on to it for when the economy improves.

A rush of midnight grocery shopping shows that many customers are stretching the limits of their paycheck cycles.

Strangely, welfare has absorbed relatively few Americans who have been hurt financially from the recession.

English biologist Robert G. Edwards, the pioneer of in vitro fertilization, has won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

As the new term for the Supreme Court opens today, the newest justice, Elena Kagan, will recuse herself from almost half of the term’s cases due to her previous role as the government’s solicitor general. How the Roberts court has shifted hard to the right, and how the court has disguised its conservatism.

Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle is pressing third-party candidate Scott Ashjia to quit the race.

Brazil’s ruling party candidate Dilma Rousseff won the most votes in Sunday’s presidential election, but will face a run-off because she was not able to garner a full majority of the vote. If elected, she will be Brazil’s first woman president.

A new study shows that teen-aged Americans are more responsible about condom use than adults.

More states are allowing guns at bars.

Finally, man wins lottery twice.


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