America's Next Top Jesus Sculptor

(Good?) News from Ohio, folks.  The long wait for the replacement Jesus statue may finally be winding down, says Darlene Bishop, co-founder of the Solid Rock Church outside of Cincinnati whose “Touchdown Jesus” statue burned down in a freak (or God-sent?) lightning strike back in June.  According to Bishop, the field of potential savior-portrayers has been narrowed down to 5, and a decision will likely be made sometime this month.

The new portrait won’t be an exact replica of the old one.  Rather than a bust, the new one will likely be a full-body sculpture, and it might not even be in “touchdown” pose.  Importantly, this time the church plans to use different materials, perhaps Indiana limestone, than the former, extremely flammable wood & styrofoam combo.

Okay, it’s not much news, but this Ohio reporter will keep abreast of any (hopefully more interesting) developments, in deference to her Midwestern roots/ in recognition of the fact that for whatever reason, her previous posts on the subject have been among her most popular on V&V.


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