Weekend Roundup

  • I’m reading Freedom, and it’s way better than The Corrections, which I read and promptly forgot pretty much the entire contents of.  Yeah, I know, pretty novel for me to rave about Jonathan Franzen’s latest, but there you have it. It’s quite riveting.  I always forget, though, when I embark on a Serious Contemporary Novel, how such books never ever have happy endings (or beginnings or middles, typically).  Sometimes this bums me out.  Like, there’s enough true sad stuff without having to spend one’s leisure time reading about fake sad stuff.
  • I watched The Social Network, and it was not as great as I thought, but I did go in with high expectations.  Which is to say, I thought it was great, but not in the zeitgeist-capturing movie-of-the-year way it’s been made out to be by The Critics. Great acting (second to last step to EGOT for Justin Timberlake?), and snappy Sorkin-y dialogue.  And it’s a fascinating story, whether or not it’s accurate.
  • This is a first for me, I think: I got called “bad-ass” for something to do with alcohol.  I happened to invent a very delicious and very strong drink which consisted of ice, Jim Beam, and absinthe.  Did i mention it was delicious?

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