Morning Constitutional – Wednesday, 30 September 2010

Good morning, folks. Lindsay’s back in rehab. Now, your morning constitutional:

Brussels and other cities across Europe today are hit by protests against austerity measures their governments have adopted in the wake of the great recession.

Senate Republicans yesterday blocked a bill that would have ended tax deductions for costs incurred when businesses move workers overseas, imposed a new tax on products that are made by foreign workers that were once made in the U.S., and offered a two-year tax holiday on jobs moved back to the U.S. from abroad.

A resolution to fund the government’s operations through December 3 is making slow progress through the Senate. However, while Republicans are so far cooperating, with the new fiscal year beginning on October 1, no funding resolution has yet been approved, and none of the 12 spending bills are even close to passage. Additionally, Sen. Mary Landrieu has a hold in place on the administration’s nominee for budget director Jacob Lew.

While the Senate doesn’t plan on voting on extensions to the Bush tax cuts until after the election, the House is considering a vote on extending them for families making under $250,000 beforehand, possibly by suspending the rules, which would require a 2/3 vote to pass.

At an event focused on the economy yesterday, President Obama was asked why he’s a Christian and abortion.

Absorbing lessons learned from this year’s massive oil spill, BP is creating a global safety division.

The Baltimore school district has struck a major deal with its teachers union to end the practice of linking teacher pay to years on employment and replace it with a system of rewarding skills and performance, bringing the city to the forefront of the education reform movement.

A superior court judge in Ontario has struck down several prostitution laws on the basis that they endanger prostitutes.

Wrestling legend Mick Foley on how Tori Amos changed his life.

Finally, a man and his…crocodile.


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