Delaware Republican nominee for Senate Christine O'Donnell not so much a fan of birth control (surprisingly)

So, we’ve learned that Christine believes in abstinence, and definitely thinks that masturbation is immoral, so, it’s of no surprise, then, I guess, that she’s also no big fan of birth control. In fact, she calls condoms “anti-human.” What?

In a 2006 interview on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” the devout Catholic contended that condom use is “anti-human.”

“And what … if the population is increasing, so what?” O’Donnell said. “People aren’t bad. When did humans become a bad thing? Why is it that we have to, you know, stop people from getting pregnant?”

Priceless. Wait, there’s more?

The website also found a 2002 quote from the “Phil Donahue Show” in which O’Donnell claims condoms do not prevent the transmission of HIV, the virus known to cause AIDS.

In a discussion centered on AIDS relief in Africa, O’Donnell declared that “condoms will not protect you from AIDS.”

“So to just throw a bunch of condoms over to Africa and say, ‘Here, we’re helping you with AIDS,’ is just going to further the spread of AIDS over there,” she said.

I guess it’s also not surprising that she doesn’t believe in science. The sad part is she’ll probably actually come undone by the fact that she’s been using her campaign contributions to pay her rent, not her extreme, idiotic and extremist rants.

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