Morning Constitutional – Monday, 20 September 2010

Good morning, everybody. Lindsay failed another drug test. Now, your morning constitutional:

The busted oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is finally plugged for good.

President Obama will revive its defense and support of the health care reform passed earlier, with a number of changes taking effect this week, including the elimination of co-payments for preventative services and allowing people to stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26.

The Sweden Democrats, Sweden’s far-right party, won seats in the Swedish parliament for the first time, denying the ruling center-right coalition enough seats to form a majority government.

A possible conservative, tea-party-inspired Republican majority in the House next year will be a test for Minority Leader John Boehner,  as some conservatives will push for shutting down the government to force a repeal of health care reform.

Older unemployed facing possibility of never working again.

How a little inflation could help the economy.

The tea party as the Right’s new Left.

New poll suggests that women may stay home on election day this year.

Man builds full cat-sized village for homeless cats.

Finally, a Pennsylvania inmate is suing the Kardashian sisters because he claims he was permanently emotionally scarred after having been forced to watch their shows while in prison.


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