Police News of the Weird

Adams Morgan Day 2004 (picture from Cooltown Studios)

This afternoon I stopped by Adams Morgan Day in DC, an annual street festival.  B. and A. and I ate at Amsterdam Falafel, always a treat, and then I was talking to a couple friends while B. and A. walked around checking out the assorted booths. At around 1:15 pm, things got weird.

Reports vary, but one thing is for sure:

“There was definitely a gun involved,” says B.

According to eyewitnesses, two dogs (a poodle and a rottweiler or pug) got into a scuffle.  The poodle and its owner left the scene, while the man with the other dog tried to calm it down.  That’s when the police showed up.

Attempting to recreate the scene, which in spirit of full disclosure they did not actually see (though they heard the gunshot), my sources tell me:

“Cop 2 body-slammed the dog twice before knocking him off the top railing and then performing the death…”

“This is sensationalist journalism,” interrupts A.

“After consecutive body slams, the police took out his finishing move, tossing the dog over the rail while shouting ‘It’s the end of the line, mongrel’ and unleashing 2 rounds of slugs.'”

Adds A., “There was only one gun shot.  The cop looked very calm.  We saw a man sitting on the steps with his head in his hands.”

Whatever led the officer to kill the dog, it sounds pretty clear the dog didn’t actually pose a serious danger– by the time the policeman showed up, the dog fight had been broken up.  We wonder whether the poodle owner, feeling upset and protective of her pet, exaggerated the other dog’s threat when reporting the incident.  A strange and sad story.


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