A land where everybody's drunk and ugly

Maybe when you read this:

The nation’s females were lambasted when asked which country had the ugliest women in an international poll. Votes poured in, with people from around the globe eager to point out how overweight, unladylike, and generally foul British women are. Major complaints centred around how many are ‘rude’, ‘drink pints of beer like men’ and ‘end up drunk in the gutter’. The UK’s (not so) fairer sex were also accused of unashamedly breaking wind and belching in public, of letting their fat hang out, were smothered in ‘bad tattoos’ and committed crimes against fashion by proudly sporting ‘too-tight bikinis and football shirts’.

This makes more sense:

The ICM poll, of 2,000 adults aged 18-24, found 36% of those questioned went out drinking with the specific intention of getting drunk, alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware said.

The survey also found that one in three young adults thought it was acceptable to wake up without knowing how they got home after a drinking session and one in 25 believed it was OK to end up in hospital.

Everybody’s drunk.


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