Morning Constitutional – Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Good morning, folks. Mark David Chapman is up for parole again this week. Now, your morning constitutional:

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will remain prime minister, although with a minority government, after winning the support of two key independent MPs.

However, six months after its election, Iraq still has yet to form a government, which one minister is suggesting may be encouraging insurgents.

The Obama administration is pressing Congress to stimulate the economy with $50B in transportation spending, $100B business tax credit, and a tax write-off for capital investments.

The ideological polarization of the current Supreme Court is evident in that they are more likely than any previous court to hire clerks that match their own positions.

Unsurprisingly, a new study shows money can buy happiness, to an extent. The price tag: $75,000, which is far higher than the median income in the U.S.

A rock and a hard place for Western-funded aid groups in Pakistan.

Gen. David Petraeus warns that a Florida church’s plans for a Koran burning on September 11 could endanger U.S. troops.

“If you missed the ‘mosk’ thing, it turns out that there’s a high correlation between atrocious spelling and atrocious religious bigotry.”.

What is causing America’s growing income disparity?

William. Shatner.

Finally, this whisky is made from urine.


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