Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants to … uh … keep being your governor. Or something.

Jan Brewer became the governor of Arizona last year when now-Secretary Janet Nepolitano left to join the Obama cabinet. She had been seen as a sort-of seat-filler since then, and there were plenty of Republicans waiting to jump into the primaries this year. Yet, in April she signed the infamous SB1070, the bill that would have given police special powers to enforce immigration (most of the law has been thrown out by a federal judge), and immediately became so popular she’s now the de facto nominee.

Last night she appeared in a debate with her Democratic opponent, state Attorney General Terry Goddard and two lesser known gubernatorial candidates, and let’s just say her opening statement was…something. It’s hard to really explain it; was it sheer lack of preparation, nervousness or panic? Or, has it finally been made super-obvious that she’s terrible on television?

(Here’s where I’ll point out that for years, including the entire 2004 presidential race, Howard Dean was absolutely atrocious and awkward in television spots and interviews. He’s gotten a lot better recently.)

But, this is super bad. I can’t imagine her campaign is psyched about this appearance, or the fact that I’m trying to make it go viral.


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